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Ask a Specialist: Are you a clinician with a question you’d like to ask a pediatric specialist? The Nationwide Children’s Ask a Specialist program is here for you! Sent via e-mail bi-weekly, you’ll get answers to your questions from local experts.This is your opportunity to remain clinically up to date on regional best practices and standards of care. It’s free, convenient and, most of all, educational. To enroll, simply complete the form online. Once enrolled, you’ll begin receiving Ask a Specialist e-mails every two weeks and be able to submit your questions to get a response from specialists directly. (Please Note: This form is not for any clinical/personal needs and please do not submit any patient specific information) 

MedStat: Monthly news and information for the medical staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Pediatrics Online: The bi-monthly electronic newsletter featuring medical stories, clinical case studies, research announcements and other news from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Pediatric Directions :A bi-annual publication highlighting unique clinical case studies, medical news and research developed by pediatric specialists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Additional online newsletters and publications can be found on Nationwide Children’s Hospital page under the section “FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS”.